Collaborating with Cilly Fitness

Eden Energy Medicine + EM Yoga + Sound Healing

February 2, 2020

10 am - 1 pm 


Gift yourself insight into how the 5 elements effect you, your behaviors, emotions, and relationships.

Moving with the rhythms of the seasons.

As we are in the winter season, we will be diving deep into the Element of Water. The season relating to water. 

Stress response of Fear. 

In this workshop we will be working with fear. Understanding where the fear is being held and how it is manifesting in the body. 

Discussing the duality of water and learning about the meridians and flow cycle

EM Yoga for water element followed with a floating sound bath.

Learn how to better deal with stress and how everything relates through understanding the elements.

Donna and Priscilla are joining forces bringing to you a very unique workshop fusing our favorite tools and techniques. Allowing time and space for those that give to allow and receive & Setting intention.

Infusing Energy Medicine and Yoga together. Donna + Priscilla will be guiding participants to utilize Energy Medicine techniques along with yoga, guided meditation and sound healing.
We will use EM Holds while resting in the hammocks. Participants will float away in a cocoon of silk. Taking time to rest and receive vibrational healing as the Chakra Overtone drum is used to balance the Chakras (wheels of energy in the body).

Dedicating 3 hours for self care.


  • Healing circle + Connecting and setting intention

  • Learn about YOU + the 5 Elements

  • Focusing on the element of Water. The Season of Winter. Facing Fears.

  • Gentle EM Yoga focusing on breathe, sound and holds

  • Cocoon holds + Guided meditation + Sound Healing

  • Time for Journaling, questions, and discussion at the end

AntiGravity® Harrison Hammocks (Hammocks hold 1000+ lbs)
No Experience necessary!
All Mats and props will be provided.
Bring a journal and writing utensil.
Change your energy - Change your life



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