I have always known about energy and chakras due to the fact I'm an empath but I did not know just how much it would improve my life. When I get stressed out I have seizure episodes; before coming to Donna I was drained all the time and still not truly myself but with taking prescribed medications and her sessions my overall quality of life has improved to the point that I am more active and the happiest I have been since I was a teen.

Jennifer G.

My wife has been seeing Donna for several years. She suffers from several chronic illnesses and credits Donna for definite improvement after every session. She couldn’t be more pleased with her care.


I have also been seeing Donna on a regular basis for over three years. She has been very helpful in helping me with lower back pain as well as body stiffness and lack of mobility.


Donna is kind, caring and intuitive in her care. Her sessions are comfortable and stress-free.


We both couldn’t be more pleased with Donna’s continuing help and we have and will continue to recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their quality of health without reservation.


Kelley D.


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