Donna Zontok
Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner   Level 2 Usui Reiki Certified   Equine Structural Integration Practitioner   Large Animal Massage Therapist

Energy Medicine Helps


  • Boost stamina and vitality

  • Strengthen the immune system

  • Relieve pain and common complaints

  • Sharpen your mind and memory

About Eden Energy Medicine
Eden Energy Medicine is a non-invasive method of working directly with the body’s energy systems to help create health and wellness.


It is both a compliment to more traditional medical modalities and a completely self-contained system for self-help and self-care.


In energy medicine, the energy is both the medicine and the patient. Energy interventions are used to help balance energies.

Eden Energy medicine teaches specific techniques that can be used to activate the body’s natural healing abilities. This can help to restore vital energies that have become weak, disturbed, or out of balance.


When all your energies are brought into harmony, your body flourishes. When your body flourishes, your soul has a soil in which it can blossom in the world. These are the ultimate reasons for energy medicine. To prepare the soil and nurture the blossom.   Donna Eden


What does a typical session look like?

Sessions are 90 minutes. The client will be laying on a massage table, fully clothed, to receive hands-on healing.



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